Hi, and welcome to my brand new homepage! My name is Martin Heede, and this is my story.

I wanna tell you a short story about how my life have been so far, and what my goals are in the future.

As you may know by now, my name is Martin Heede, and I am a 27 year old Norwegian guy, who grew up and lives in Oslo/Norway.

Already as a young kid, I loved to be active. I was the child you always had to look after because you never knew what I could do. My mom said that I was climbing out of my bed when I was 1 year old, and that bed had a 1 meter high fence. I climbed the kitchen to get candy, I pooped too much and I was rock hard. (witch may explain my Metabolism now) So my mom brought me to the doctor, where they said that they never had seen a child with so much muscle, and a child who was as hard as I was. So I was born to do this, and now I wanna teach you everything I have learned through these years.

I started my sport career with soccer. Soccer is one of Norways most popular sports and everyone around me played it. My team was really good, and we did well in competitions. I got asked to join the Youth talent team on Norway, and right before I was going i couldn’t run. 

My knee was getting worse and worse, so I had too see the doctor, were he said I need a Surgery. I had and Injury called ¨runner´s knee", an injury Marathon runners usually get. Because of my stamina (back in the days) I was running forever and ever, everyday.

So I had this surgery on my knee, and couldn’t play fotball anymore. I changed to Karate full-time and that was the beginning on my Journey.

I quickly improved in Karate, and was traveling the world when I was 11-12 years old. I was top 3 in many big competitions worldwide, I won competitions like, German Open, British open Etc. I became the youngest National Champ in history. I was 16 when I won my first Senior National Tournament, and I became European Champion 5 times.

I think I ended my career when I was 20. where I started a new journey. I went back to team sport, and started with Cheerleading. Yes, you heard me. I was the guy who said: This is so gay. Honestly. And nothing against gay people, but you know what I mean.

But I´ll tell you one thing, and that is: Cheerleading is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, and it still IS!

We trained 3-4 hours a day, everyday. in the weekends we could train up to 8 hours a day. We were tumbling and throwing girls in the air all day. And with my cheerleading squad, we became National champs, and 2. place in the european championship, and 7th place with the national team in the World championship.

I am thankful for that time of my life, and that sports thought me a lot of willpower that I have brought with me.

Then a new journey began. Out of nothing I got asked to compete in the fitness world championship. I had never trained with weights before, I had never been on any kind of diet. I started august 1st 2014 on my diet and with my weight lifting program. I went from training with girls, to lift weights everyday. My body changed so fast, that ofc everyone was claiming steroids. And the norwegian Police and Anti doping team have been chasing me since.

They actually have been testing me for 10 years now. They have been outside my house around 5 times, waiting for me, waiting to test me in my home, they have stopped me in the middle of the street, claiming me for doing steroids, I have never tested positive, and I will never do. I am drug free, and once again, I am here to show you, and help you, because it is possible.

Anyway. I started my fitness journey, and was competing already after 2 months, where I did this qualify tournament in Mens physique. I got 3rd and 2.nd place in that competition. I won the national championship in Mens fitness, and i got 6th place in the World championship.

I competed in the European championship in may 2015 where I shared the 4th place, and after that I decided to take a break. I needed time to grow and train without being on a competition diet. So I took 2 year of actually.
In this 2 years, I was training hard, I eat a lot of good food, I worked on my social media profiles, got sponsorships, and was living life.

My comeback was spring 2017. I won the Oslo Grand Prix, The European Championship. and this Autumn I became Professional! So I am once again starting a new journey as a Pro.

Next to my sport career I have been acting and modeling since I was 18. This is something I really love to do, and will continue as long as I have something in that business to do.

With this homepage, I want to teach you how to build the body you want. Because everything is possible if you put your mind and body in to it. and that is not cliche. I promise you, you can to whatever you want with the right knowledge and willpower.

Love, Martin