for human becomings

Step-by-step fitness plans from

world-class trainer, Martin Heede.

for human becomings

Step-by-step fitness plans from

world-class trainer, Martin Heede.


I want to help you look your best. Trough my many years of hard work, I've gathered the knowledge and expertise from the best of the best. Now, for the first time ever, I am ready to share everything with the world.


Martin Heede

Work out with a world class trainer

Your custom workout program

  • World-class strength training from an IFBB Pro
  • Video instructions for each exercise
  • Beginner to advanced, I will modify your plan to fit at any time.
  • New workouts released weekly
  • Catered with injury alternatives

meal plans you'll actually love

Your custom meal plan

  • Diet plans based on your needs and taste
  • Convenient breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack option
  • Based on goals for fat loss, lean muscle gain or toning 
  • Auto-generated shopping lists
  • Swap meals to suit your taste & mood
  • Custom meal plan
    Updates monthly and you can change your goals at any time  
  • Custom workout plan
    Updates and advances every month  
  • Custom grocery List
    Access your personalized grocery list from the app when you go shopping. 
  • Extreme abs workouts
    Different exercises between advanced and beginner.
  • Fast fat burning cardio
    Burn fat faster than ever before with my LISS and HIIIT routines 
  • Members-only app
    Access all you need. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Private Facebook group
    Exclusive club for my clients with access to me.
  • 200+ Exercise videos
    High quality resolution and easy to follow instruction videos
  • 24/7 Email support
    Direct access to me and my team any day fo the week.
  • Plus much more!
    Access exclusive videos, training, mindset, and tools

The coaching app

Everything you need in one spot with the tap of a finger. Simple to use and easy to stay on track.

  • 100% personalized meal plan
  • 100% Customized workout program
  • 100% guaranteed results

you can do it too

Do like others, and take a leap towards your goals.

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Martin Heede

GymShark model, cover model, gymnastics and martial arts champion, IFBB fitness European champion and actor. Those are just some of the titles Martin Heede bears. Now you can be trained by him. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it for men or women?

Does not matter! I will create plans that suite your fitness goals the best. So if you are a man who wants bigger biceps or a woman who wants a bigger booty - I will cater this to you. 

Are the plans ment for gaining or losing weight?

You will chose the plan based on your specific goal when you fill out the form after you sign up. You can change your goal at any time.

Is it for beginners or experts?

Does not matter. I will address your current fitness goal and use this when creating the workout plans so you always will be able to keep up with the workout programs. 

What if i have an allergy or an injury?

No problem! I will cater it to your need so you don't have to worry. Any injury will be taken into consideration so that you don't have to worry about performing the exercises.

If there are foods you don't like after you receive your meal plan, you can easily substitute these meals with 1-click button.

How much does it cost?

Get custom meal plans, workout programs and so much more, all for one low fixed monthly fee. Plans start from USD $19 a month. No extra costs or contracts.

What happens after i purchase?

When you purchase a plan you should receive a confirmation email. This email is to confirm your purchase and activate your account with HEEDE. Once activated and logged into the members section, you will be required to fill out the questionnaire(s). This is to provide me with all the information required to prepare your personalised plan/program. Information you provide will include (but not be limited to) your statistics, daily activity levels, food preferences and goal. Once you have submitted your questionnaire(s) allow 1-3 days to prepare your personalised plan/program.

How often are new plans added?

Every month! So you’ll see a new plan, guide, or course on the regular. You'll also be updated monthly so you'll always know what's new and what's coming.

How does the free trial work?

The trial period starts when you sign up for online coaching. You will then have 7-day trial of your program with full access to all the features. For more information or to request a cancellation please email one of the team by using Your satisfaction is my highest priority and we will respond within 24 hours, typically sooner.

How does the subscription work?

It is a subscription payment billed according to your selected plan. This subscription can be cancelled at anytime by emailing the support team at

How do I cancel?

You can cancel at anytime. There are no cancelation fees. Email me and I'll cancel right away. Your plan will run out its remaining period if you are a paying client.

How can I use the training in my life?

I adapt to your circumstances and lifestyle. Choose and adjust the number of training days on a weekly basis. Train whenever you want and eat whenever you want - whatever fits your daily needs.

Start now or remain the same

Start any day of the week. No commitments.